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Ministries and Groups Contact Information

If you are interested in any of the following activities and would like more information, please contact the person listed below. Please see the calendar for meeting times and locations.

Contact Parish OFfice

For general inquiries

These combined teams assess, maintain, and offer myriad spiritual growth opportunities and events for adults, as well as programs planned for parishioners of all ages and the greater Lexington community, as inspired by the Church’s New Evangelization mission. 

Contact: Kathleen Nowacki-Correia at 540-463-3533.

Adult Faith Formation and New Evangelization Team  

Elementary, middle school, and high school aged students have the privilege of assisting the Presider throughout the liturgy. Training is provided.

Contact: Fr. Maxwell Appiagyei at 540-463-3533


Altar Servers

Help with our liturgical seasonal set-ups about 4 or 5 times yearly. Great for people who like working with their hands and have a visual “sense.”

Contact: Jane Stange at 540-463-2964.

Art & Environment Committee 

Our campus ministry program serves collegians and cadets at Washington and Lee University, Virginia Military Institute, Southern Virginia University, and Mountain Gateway Community College.  Parishioners are needed for many of the activities.

Contact the Director of Campus Ministry at 540-463-3533 or Donna McCullough (Campus Support Ministry Chair) at

Campus Ministry

There are plenty of opportunities to help with our Religious Education program, which runs from mid-September through mid-May as a catechist, substitute, or a class aid. Confirmation and RCIA catechists lead separate instruction sections.  

Please contact Kathleen Nowacki-Correia at 540-463-3533.


This is an opportunity for children age 3-6 years old to hear the Gospel proclaimed in words they can understand, and to do a simple craft or drawing that helps solidify that understanding.  It is typically celebrated on the second Sunday of the month at the 8 a.m. Mass.

Contact Kathleen Nowacki-Correia at 540-463-3533.

Children’s Liturgy of the Word

"The Blessed Sacrament is the ‘Living Heart’ of each of our churches and it is our very sweet duty to honor and adore the Blessed Host, which our eyes see, the Incarnate Word, whom they cannot see." - Pope Paul VI. Adoration is offered each Wednesday from 8:30 a.m. – 4 p.m.

For more information, contact Maggie Davies at 540-819-6426.

Eucharistic Adoration

The Eucharistic Minister places the sacred elements in the hands/mouth of the faithful during the reception of the Eucharist. A Eucharistic Minister inspires belief in the real presence of Christ and fosters our sense of unity and reconciliation.

Contact Justin Soutar at 540-463-3533.

Eucharistic Minister

The Eucharistic Minister places the sacred elements in the hands/mouth of the faithful during the reception of the Eucharist. A Eucharistic Minister inspires belief in the real presence of Christ and fosters our sense of unity and reconciliation.

Contact Justin Soutar at 540-463-3533.

Eucharistic Minister

If you are willing to be a Communion Minister to those who cannot attend church services due to illness, hospitalization or other reasons.

Please contact Laurie Strong at 540-570-9877.

Eucharistic Ministers for the Sick and Homebound 

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These members of our parish laity ensure the funds and financial resources of our parish are safeguarded and utilized in the best interest of the parish mission statement.

Contact: Raymond 
MacDermott at

Finance Council 

This committee oversees the general maintenance of the buildings and properties of the church. Working with the Finance Council, they maintain the 25 Year Capital Maintenance Plan.

For more information, contact Jim Kvach at 540-463-5191.

Garden and Maintenance Committee

The Haiti Committee works in solidarity with St. Rose of Lima, Freehold, NJ, to foster the twinning relationship with our twin parish in Fond Pierre, Haiti, through work projects, visits, and prayer.

Contact: Patricia Powell at 540-600-2172.

Haiti Committee

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Inspired and nourished by the Gospel and Principles of Catholic Social Teaching, we discern and respond to the needs of our community and promote the dignity of all human persons through direct service and in collaboration with other churches and community based organizations.

Contact: Mark Wilkinson at

Justice & Peace

The Knights was formed to render financial aid to members and their families. Mutual aid and assistance are offered to sick, disabled and needy members and their families. Social and intellectual fellowship is promoted among members and their families through educational, charitable, religious, social welfare, war relief and public relief works.

Contact: Matt Schwarzmann at 540-464-5055.

Knights of Columbus

This is an ancient practice of praying the scriptures. During Lectio Divina, the participant listens to the text of the Bible with the “ear of the heart,” as if he or she is in conversation with God, and God is suggesting the topics for discussion. The method of Lectio Divina includes moments of reading (lectio), reflecting on (meditatio), responding to (oratio) and resting in (contemplatio) the Word of God with the aim of nourishing and deepening one’s relationship with the Divine. It is a time of listening to God and responding to Him.

If you are interested and wish more information, please contact Cal Ubaldi at 540-464-5774.

Lectio Divina

Lectors proclaim the Word of God in a clear, audible speaking voice and in a prepared delivery style. Training is provided and on-going formation is expected.

Contact Justin Soutar at 540-463-3533.


Share in a ministry that proclaims the Gospel through the gift and power of music. We invite Cantors and adult and children Choir Ministry members who are willing to share their faith and vocal gifts with our assembly. Instrumentalists are also needed.

Contact Justin Soutar at 540-463-3533.

Liturgical Music

Working primarily behind the scenes in conjunction with the Pastor, the Liturgy Committee meets monthly to plan all that is needed to celebrate the liturgical year. Contact

Contact:    Jane Stange at 540-463-2964.

Liturgy Committee

Consecration to Mary in pursuit of prayer, good works, and retreats.

Contact: Laurie Strong 

Mairan Helpers

The Master of Ceremonies takes charge of the liturgical set-up before Mass and ensures that the liturgical ministers and others are present to serve. She/he prepares the bread and wine, liturgical vessels, the tidiness of the church and other tasks.

Contact Justin Soutar at 540-463-3533.

Master of Ceremonies

The group coordinates and plans parish social activities such as the St. Patrick’s Day Feast, Thanksgiving Dinner, and receptions.

Contact: Vickie Rappold

Parish Life Committee

Consecration to Mary in pursuit of prayer, good works, and retreats. 

Contact Laurie Strong at 540-570-9877.

Marian Helpers

The group coordinates and plans parish social activities such as the St. Patrick’s Day Feast, Thanksgiving Dinner, and receptions. 

Contact Vickie Rappold at 540-463-6435.

Parish Life Committee

As a member of the PPC, laity become active participants in the leadership of the church.

Contact: Steve Knepper at 540-448-4554.

Parish Pastoral Council

Those who knit, crochet, or embroider are invited to make prayer blankets and shawls. The blanket and shawls are given to those who are ill, be it mental or physical, and help with peace of mind and strength of body.

Contact: Marilou Schindler 

Prayer Blanket/Shawl Ministry

On Sunday mornings, kindergarten to twelfth grade students are taught by catechists from 9:10 to 10:00 a.m. The program runs from mid-September to May.

Contact Kathleen Nowacki-Correia at 540-463-3533.

Religious Education

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The Respect Life Committee promotes the dignity of all human persons from conception to natural death. We espouse the value and virtue of chastity and promote awareness through education in our Spiritual Adoption Program. Our education extends to the community with our Rockbridge Community Festival booth. The committee stresses the importance of prayer and legislative advocacy, and organizes March for Life participation for the parish.

Contact Darcy McCabe at 540-348-5077. 

Respect Life Committee

RCIA is for those interested in becoming Catholic or receiving the Sacraments of Initiation, and includes adults, college students, and children over 7 years old, who have not yet received age-appropriate sacraments.  These programs run from September to May, but the period of inquiry can begin at any time.  

Contact Kathleen Nowacki-Correia at 540-463-3533.

Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults/Children (RCIA) 

Second graders prepare for the sacraments of Reconciliation and First Eucharist, and Confirmation preparation is available for appropriate students in Grades 10-12. Preparation for the sacraments of Marriage and Baptism are done on an individual basis.

Contact Kathleen Nowacki-Correia or Fr. Maxwell Appiagyei (for marriages) at 540-463-3533

Sacramental Preparation

Companions of Francis and Clare – Secular Franciscans are a community of Catholic men and women in the world who seek to pattern their lives after Christ in the spirit of Francis. We believe that as human beings and Christians, we have such a sublime vocation that we cannot fulfill it alone. In our common response to the Gospel, we work together in community toward a deep evangelical life and toward communion with all people. This is our way of life. We feel called by the Holy Spirit to follow Christ in the spirit of Franciscanism, with the support and encouragement of others who are committed to a Gospel lifestyle.

For more information, contact Maggie Davies at 540-819-6426.

Secular Franciscans 

The members of the Secular Order of Discalced Carmelites are faithful members of the Church, called to live "in allegiance to Jesus Christ" through"friendship with the One we know loves us" and in service to the Church.  Under the protection of Our Lady of Mount Carmel, in the biblical tradition of the prophet Elijah and inspired by the teachings of St. Teresa of Jesus and St. John of the Cross, they seek to deepen their Christian commitment received in baptism. 

If you would like more information about Carmelite spirituality and the Saint Elizabeth of the Trinity Community which meets in Staunton on the 2nd Sunday of each month at St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Church, please contact Maia Browning Olsen at 928-606-2682.

Secular Order of Discalced Carmelites

St. Patrick Preschool provides learning experiences for spiritual and moral development in a loving, caring, enjoyable environment. We help preschoolers prepare for a successful transition to kindergarten. Children learn through play, prayer, repetition, routine and a variety of creative experiences, and are encouraged to progress at their own pace.

Contact: Francie Belliveau at 540-463-3533.

St. Patrick Preschool

Members assist in the oversight of the program and budget, and work to promote the preschool. 

Contact Fr. Maxwell at 540-463-3533.

St. Patrick Preschool Committee 

An usher seats people, assists with special needs, takes up the collection, and distributes bulletins.

Contact Cindy Bither at 463-3533.    


This week of faith and fun for children age 4 through 11 is led in June by catechists, teen helpers, and visiting religious sisters.  

Contact Kathleen Nowacki-Correia at 463-3533. 

Vacation Bible School

This committee welcomes and assists individuals and families who are new to our parish.

Contact: Gary Serra at 540-261-1428.

Welcome Committee 

The ladies meets weekly on Wednesdays to understand scripture and how it relates to the teachings of the Church.

Contact Carol Calkins at 540-463-3255 or Cindy Kleinchester at 540-291-1686.

Women’s Bible Study

The group meets monthly for fellowship and lunch.

Contact Agatha Ubaldi at 540-464-5774 or Cindy Kleinchester at 540-291-1686.

Women’s Triad Luncheon Group

Middle and High School students join with St. Francis of Assisi Youth Group, Staunton, to learn from Sacred Scripture and the teachings of the Church through fun activities.  These programs run from September to May with periodic events throughout the summer.  

Contact Kathleen Nowacki-Correiaat 540-463-3533.

Youth Ministry