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In 2022, St. Patricks Catholic Church will undergo construction of a new Parish rectory.

It's a blessing that the Richmond Diocese has established new specifications for rectories including one-level living, a garage, three bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a limited floor plan of 1,700 sq. ft. The rectory should be accessible, comfortable, low maintenance, and spacious enough that the pastor can use it to host visiting clergy, seminarians, and parish small groups.   

Considering the age of the Denny Lane house, the lack of a garage, and the increasing maintenance expenses, the diocese has given approval to sell the current rectory and purchase a newer home which meets the diocesan requirements. This was based on the recommendation of St. Patrick’s Finance Council. The new rectory will have an attached garage and a home owner’s association to manage all exterior maintenance and landscaping.   

As anticipated, additional funds will be needed to cover the difference between the purchase price of the new home and net price of the Denny Lane rectory, as well as furniture. St. Patrick’s parishioners will establish a fundraising campaign to meet this new challenge. 

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