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Parish Pastoral Council

The Parish Pastoral Council (PPC) in each parish of the diocese invites the laity to become active participants in the leadership of the Church.  The PPC utilizes a managerial style, leading to the use of parliamentary procedures, bylaws, and the adoption of constitutions.

Collaboration is to be operative.  Ultimately, the pastor is responsible for the parish.  The challenge is to respect the Spirit's presence throughout the total parish community and the call of the Spirit to collaboration.  Because each parish is a unique entity, no one model will fit each one.  The leadership of each parish will have to determine how best to organize its leadership body.  Basic principles are valid for all parishes no matter how each chooses to structure its leadership body.  Among these basic principles are the following:

· Members of the parish pastoral council are to be selected by parishioners.
· Those selected must have the approval and be appointed by the pastor.
· Whenever a new pastor is appointed to a parish, the standing councils (both pastoral and finance) cease. It is the responsibility of the new pastor to reconstitute the existing councils or conduct a new election of members within one year of his appointment.
· Parishioners must understand the work/task of the council.
· A collaborative relationship will exist between the pastor and the council.
· In all matters, the approval of the pastor is necessary.
· The council, with the pastor will function as a pastoral, visioning and enabling group.
· Parish ministries of Word, Worship, Community, and Service, continue to be devoted to worship and prayer, peace and justice, Catholic education, parish community life, ecumenical activity, and outreach to the greater community.
· Participation in ecumenical and interfaith opportunities will be supported and encouraged.
· Parish pastoral council leadership will become knowledgeable about other parishes in their LPA (local planning area).
· Parish pastoral councils will be open to emerging forms of partnering as parish cluster relationships develop.

The 2017 – 2018 Parish Pastoral Council

Father Joe D’Aurora, Pastor, 463-3533

Mr. Gary Serra, Chairman, 757-681-2254

Mr. Harper Donahoe, Vice-Chairman, 291-1189

Mr. Justin Soutar, Music and Liturgy, 463-3533

Mrs. Kathleen Nowacki-Correia, Religious Education, 463-3533

Mrs. Astrika Adams, Recording Secretary, 402-871-8227

Mrs. Sherry Smith, Justice & Peace, 261-8767

Mrs. Darcy McCabe, Respect Life, 348-5077

Mrs. Mary Jo Morman, Ecumenical Affairs, 464-6545

Mr. Jim Kvach, Grounds and Maintenance, 463-5191

Col. Eric Hutchings, Finance, 463-5557

Ms. Kathy Burant, Parish Life, 291-1189

Mr. Jacob Beasley, At Large Member, 264-0057

Mr. Gregory Switzer, At Large Member, 460-0334           

LTC Steve Hart, At Large Member, 845-238-9489

Mr. Michael Ohleger, At Large Member, 461-1514

Mrs. Gywn Parson, At Large Member, 859-576-6972

Dr. B.J. Parson, At Large Member, 859-576-6972