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Haiti Committee


Our Mission

The Haiti Committee works in solidarity with Sts. Peter and Paul, Palmyra, VA, and St. Rose of Lima, Freehold, NJ, to foster the twinning relationship with our twin parish in Fond Pierre, Haiti, through work projects, visits, and prayer.

Our diocesan twinning program enables individuals and parish communities to encounter Christ in the impoverished people and land of Haiti. We invite you to explore this site to learn more about the people of our twin parish in Fond Pierre and what you can do to help.


Current Project

Our parish is fortunate to celebrate over a decade of twinning with the people of Fond Pierre, Haiti.  During this time we have completed the parish house, a new school, a new church, and a clinic with and for the Rockbridge-Haiti Medical Alliance.  In the last couple years we have also provided new benches for worshiping parishioners of St. Peter's and completed the cafeteria for the children.  We have accomplished these things through the grace of God, through the support of Fr. Malherbe, and now Father Roderick, and through your thoughtful generosity.

Currently we are collecting school supplies for the children of Fond Pierre.

We also ask you to continue to hold the people of Fond Pierre in your prayers, as they do for us, and for improvement of the conditions in the country of Haiti. We thank you always for your continued care and support.  It is so good to know that you value the promise we made together so long ago and share your gifts as Jesus would do.


(Photo by Patricia Powell)

(Photos by Michele Fletcher)