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Frequently Asked Questions
about our twin parish Fond Pierre

Where is Fond Pierre?

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Haiti is located 700 miles southeast of Miami, just 100 minues air travel time, occupying the western third of the island of Hispaniola, which it shares with the Dominican Republic. Haiti is only 60 miles from Cuba.

Our twin parish covers a significant amount of space around the Lake Peligre district in the Centre Department of Haiti , near the border with the Dominican Republic. It is next to the village of Casse, about an hour drive to the cities of smaller cities of Cange and Thomonde, two hours to the larger cities of Hinche and Mirebalais, and about five hours from Port-au-Prince.

The parish church of Fond Pierre consists of one central church, St. Peter's (with school; new church building in progress) in Fond Pierre proper and six chapels in otherlocations (up to four hours away by foot):

Chapel, Our Lady of Altagrace, Pareidon
Chapel, Our Lady of Lourdes, Palissa
Chapel, Christ the King, Vieux-Cayes
Chapel, Our Lady of Perpetual Help, Tierramuscady (with school)
Chapel, St. Gabriel, Ananas
Chapel, Our Lady of Guadeloupe, Salmadere

Many of these chapels do not have a building and meet under open air for the celebration of the liturgy.


How is the new church construction progressing?

Father Malherbe presented us with a comprehensive 11-step church building plan.

Phase 1
Explanation to the parishioners about the danger of the old church building, and the construction of a new one; demolition of the old church

Phase 2
Purchase materials for construction (rocks, sand, cement, gravel, wood, iron ½, iron ¼, iron 3/8, nails, etc.)

Phase 3
Lay foundation of the new church building (grant from the Koch Foundation, Inc.)

Phase 4
Manufacture of cement blocks (grant from Sts. Peter and Paul, Palmyra)

Phase 5
Put down and laying of cement blocks (grant from Sts. Peter and Paul, Palmyra, and St. Patrick’s Lexington)

Phase 6
Roofing (streamlined black iron, sheet metal, etc.)

Phase 7
Pouring inside concrete (right/left wings, choir); laying of ceramic tiling

Phase 8
Roughcast, Coat walls with concrete

Phase 9
Manufacture/Purchase of 250 Wooden Benches

Phase 10

Phase 11
Terminal Phase: Blessing of the New Church Building

So far, the construction is up to stage 6.
This is a monumental feat, especially when we consider that all of the supplies (including cinder blocks) are generally made on-site. Plans have temporarily slowed, according to the Palmyra team who travelled in January, due to the breaking of the arc welder.

The Pastoral Council of St. Patrick’s personally took up a special collection amongst themselves at a meeting this past fall for the purchase of an icon of St. Peter. It was intended to be carried as a gift by the November team, but the icon arrived at the beginning of February, the order having been misplaced by the company. It will be saved for the dedication of the new church in Fond Pierre.